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The New Single-sex Education

We want to spread the New Single-Sex Education because education must make society increasingly free, more plural, with more equity.


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The pillars of the New Single-Sex Education

The New Single-Sex Education promotes the comprehensive development of the personality of each student, considering their own and social circumstances.

Schools of all social class, ideology, religion and country

Equal & Different

Former students

Iguales y diferentes

Monica Ayuso, Barcelona

Manager of port engineering projects in Boston, Miami and Plymouth - Politechnical University of Catalonia - Colegio Pineda

I am Monica, an enthusiastic Civil Engineer passionate about Science and with a great humanist concern. I studied at a wonderful school, Pineda, which during the years of my career there, pursued with sincere dedication the academic and human development of its students, in a unique way, always at the service of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Pineda and her educational model, single-sex education, accompanied my parents in my education and for that I will always be grateful: I learned to love science, art, to welcome and admire those who are different… and she gave me great references, my teachers and my friends!

Cristina Saura

Cristina Saura, Barcelona

Physician, Head of the Breast Cancer Unit at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital and researcher

The values ​​in which my family and the Pineda School, which I attended, formed me, have guided me throughout my professional career to undertake this and other projects. With them, through my work, I contribute to improving the society in which we live every day

Neus Panyella, Barcelona

Lawyer of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Phd. in Criminal Law

“I have wonderful memories of Pineda. I learned a lot, I had wonderful teachers. And thanks to the education I received and the values ​​that were transmitted to me, I enjoy my profession”

Almudena Barta, Madrid

Secondary school teacher, graduated from the U.Complutense de Madrid - Colegio Mater Salvatoris

“I studied Primary Education at the Complutense University of Madrid, and did my internship at a public school. Today I work in a single-sex education school in Seville.

Through my profession, I have been able to confirm that, in general, girls tend to be more responsible and demanding of themselves than boys, and when I have had them in the same classroom, I have verified how boys tend not to make an effort, nor stand out, if they see that, as usual, it is the girls who are going to obtain the best results.”

víctor rossy, barcelona

Founder of the musical group Malmö 040, guitarist

“The birth of the Malmö 040 project was the logical consequence of the passion for music transmitted by some great teachers, of an authentic friendship forged between the four founders of the band and of the values ​​of work and joy that the school always gives us. wanted to teach. I keep great memories of our school days in Viaró because it was there where it all began”

Iguales y diferentes


Consultant at Bain & Company, Mexico D.F. - Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

“Fight for your dreams, there is nothing impossible”

¿Y si hubiera ido a una escuela diferenciada?

Los estudiantes de escuelas para niñas y para niños obtienen mejores resultados en matemáticas y ciencias que sus pares en escuelas mixtas; pero ¿por qué?, pregunta la Dra. Tanya Evans de los estudiantes. En este segundo artículo mostramos cómo beneficia a las niñas.

¿Qué aporta la Nueva Educación Diferenciada en el Siglo XXI?

The Educator entrevista a dos directoras de escuelas para niñas para preguntarles por qué creen que las escuelas diferenciadas todavía tienen un lugar en el siglo XXI y qué significa para su sistema el creciente cambio hacia la educación mixta en Australia. de los estudiantes. En este segundo artículo mostramos cómo beneficia a las niñas.

Sinergia: Nueva Educación Diferenciada y bienestar para los niños (III de III)

El documento «Explorando la Nueva Educación Diferenciada y la Salud Mental», estudia el impacto de la Nueva Educación Diferenciada (NED) en el bienestar y el desarrollo integral de los estudiantes. En este tercer y último artículo mostramos cómo beneficia a los niños. de los estudiantes. En este segundo artículo mostramos cómo beneficia a las niñas.

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