Collaborate with us

There are many ways to help and all: since sympathisers until partners

1. Makers

Makers or partners are the leaders of the association: they participate in the daily life of the association, it’s meetings and provide their time and financial resources to the organisation through 2 channels:

By Bizum to 669 63 56 30 stablishing “donation I&D” as subject.

By Bank Transfer to Caixa Bank’s account (ES51 2100 1008 4102 0052 7051)

In addition, the can obtain a tax relief according to the spanish legislation by filling this “tax relief form“.

2. Thinkers

The thinkers or protectors are influencers, teachers, volunteers and all those who put their talent at the service of the new differentiated education.

Thinkers receive the association’s newsletter and can propose actions to the general assembly of the association.

If you want to contribute, fill in the following “collaborator’s form” 

3. Believers

The believers or supporters are former students, parents and teachers enthusiastic about the New Differentiated Education who contribute their name to the project. You can sign up as a supporter here  “supporter’s form