Who we are

Equal and different, Equal and different is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote educational pluralism, through the dissemination and support of the model of education differentiated by sex in equal conditions, at the national and international levels. At Equals and Different we seek to respond to the uniqueness of each person, overcome gender stereotypes, reduce school failure and advance educational equity

I&D is made up of former students, parents and teachers.

Who has promoted this association?

Equal and different, Equal and different, is a non-profit association, made up of parents, former students and teachers, whose mission is to spread the new single-sex education model throughout the world. We are convinced that the New Differentiated Education contributes to the pluralism of educational centers, to the quality of learning, and enriches the educational options of parents when choosing the educational model they want for their children. At Iguales ydifferentes we believe that school success is centered on celebrating the uniqueness of each person, discovering personal talents and directing them towards excellence and equality.


Teacher at Our Lady Schoenstatt School, Madrid.
Double degree in Teaching and Pedagogy from the University of Navarra.

Mark Sturgeon

Principal at Aylesbury Grammar School (Bunckinghamshire, UK).
Graduate in Geography from the University of Liverpool and Postgraduate in Education from the University of London

Adrianna Andrade de Abreu

Director of the Porto Real School (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
. Family counselor.

Hal hannaford

Emeritus Director of Selwyn House School (Quebec, Canada)
Graduated from Queen's University in Economics and Toronto University in Education


Director of the Fuenllana Educational Center (Madrid)
Graduated in financial management from the Complutense University of MadridGraduated in primary education from the UNIR.


Graduated in Economics from EAE Business School.
M.BA Business Institute
Partner responsible for PwC in Catalonia and Andorra.
Fomento's Executive Committee Member
Círculo Ecuestre's Vicepresident

Gina Rama

Executive Director of PAREF Woodrose School (Manila, Philippines)


Dean of the Faculty of Education of the International University of Catalonia.
Dr. in Education from the UIC.


Professor of Strategic Management at IESE Business School.
Dr. in Management, University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA.


Member of the Board de la International Boys Schools Coalition.
Degree in Geography and History from the University of Barcelona.

Rocío chirinos

Consultant for educational projects (Lima, Peru)
Expert in emotional intelligence from the International University of La Rioja

Fr. Carlos Granados

Director of Stella Maris College (Madrid)
Public Works Engineer
Phd. in Holy Scripture.